List of the Best Xbox 360 Coop games

Four guys living at my house these days; two TVs in the living room, two Xbox 360s hooked up. So this link to the list of the best xbox 360 co-op games is pretty useful.

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PS2 Singstar Microphone with Rock Band Xbox 360

Q: Can a SingStar Playstation 2 microphone work on the Xbox 360 version of Rock Band?
A: No.

Rockband’s official answer is “we think all USB mics work with Rock Band.” Apparently this is exempt.

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1 Xbox live account, 2 xbox 360s error

My buddy Dave plays on my 360 pretty often. He recently purchased his own, and found that if he signs onto his gamertag, it invalidates all other gamertag subscriptions. So, he signed in on his at home, then comes to my house, and receives this message:

Your XBox Live membership information is not valid. Please use a profile that contains a valid membership or recover you profile from XBox Live.

How dumb is that? You can’t just re-type in your password to revalidate it, you have to fill in every tiny detail — a 10+ minute procedure. Why did they make it so hard to have one account work on two 360s?

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Red Ring Not Always Death

So I was plugging in XBoX 360 #3 for LPoTA5, and when I first turned it on there was a flashing red ring around the power button. At first I was convinced it was the red ring of death, and was of course upset about it.

But then I realized the video wasn’t plugged in, and that’s what happens if you turn it on without video plugged in.

Phew, crisis averted :).

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