How I got a Wii for free (not what you think)

I bought my Wii back in August. What I neglected to mention is that I got it for free. No, I didn’t do the BS “sign up for these 5 programs and refer 5 friends who do the same and get a free Wii” gimmick (not that I haven’t tried that before). I got a slick deal on it.

So in mid to late July I applied for an American Express Bank of America Rewards Card, which promised $250 in rewards for $250 of purchases. I was a little skeptical at first, but it looked legit, so I went through with it. I received my card on August 6th, and purchased my Wii (the first thing I could think of that was $250) on August 7th. A few weeks later I applied for the reward — to be shipped to me via a check in “1-2 billing cycles.” A few weeks ago I wondered what was taking so long — I went to their site and had to confirm I was ready to accept the check.

Today I received the $250 check. That makes the Wii free, after 3 months. Worth it, I’d say.

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