I just donated to hak5, my new favorite web show from Revision3, stickers are in the mail.

I’m sorta stoked for their newest show, coop, from the makers of my once favorite web show The 1UP show.

I’m all for web TV, I say down with traditional television!

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The TV, it Flickers

Crap. Intermittent slight but noticeable flickering on my HTPC TV. No clue what I’m going to do about it.

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Samsung DLP High Pitched Noise

My Samsung 46″ DLP TV is now making a high pitched squeal after about an hour to 1.5 hours of usage. The only fix is to shut it off. A lot of people are saying that this is caused by the color wheel. When for sale, it looks to be $100-$150 on eBay.

I’ve already had the lamp replaced twice, so I’m starting to think this TV wasn’t such a good deal after all.

Man how annoying.

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TV Lamp replaced (again)

lamp for samsung dlp hdtv

Two or three times since my lamp was replaced on my DLP HDTV I’ve heard that same beeping/buzzing when turning my TV on. From what I understand, that’s the early stages of the lamp going bad. The manufacturer’s warranty is good for one year past purchase date, which ends for me in mid January, 2008. It’s so far been only a VERY minor inconvenience, but it could become something more serious.

So I sent an online request to have it repaired, and the Samsung guy came out the next business day. They told me they’d call me 20 minutes before they arrived, which was good — I wanted to take pictures in case I had to replace the lamp myself in the future. Unfortunately they did not give me 20 minutes notice, I got a call from the wife saying that the repairman was already here replacing it. Come to think of it, this same thing happened last time, and I remember thinking afterwards, “Gee that’s a convenient ‘mistake’, I wonder if he even replaced it…”. Odd that it happened again.

I was reminded to get the lamp replaced by a warranty extension renewal I received in the mail… something like $500 for 3 years. Are you kidding me?!? I guess next time it goes bad, I’ll need to replace it myself.

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Missing Apple Remote

Tiny, yet pricy

One of the coolest things about using a Mac Mini as my HTPC is that I get to use the Apple Remote to control the content on it, and I don’t have to worry about any buggy or inexistent drivers for it. I’m not entirely sure why an Apple Remote is included in almost all Macs, it seems like it only works well as a remote for when the system is hooked to a TV.

No, the Apple Remote isn’t a universal remote — it can’t control my TV or stereo receiver. It only has 6 buttons, how could it? This thing is as small as a remote could comfortably be, 4.5″ x 3″ x 0.25″; unfortunately small enough to fit in a dog’s mouth, and in every crevasse in the living room.

We lost our Apple Remote the other day, scoured the entire house looking for it. I was not looking forward to fronting $29.99 $29.97 on a brand new one. In the interim, I’d been using VNC to navigate through video files (what a pain!).

After two days of looking, it was in between our couch cushions; where we’d looked many times already. Man I’m glad it’s back.

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