Leaving shortly to head up to PAX. Should be a lot of fun, hopefully pics will follow shortly after. I also hope to meet up with the crews of CO-OP and TRS, who will be there (thanks Bryan).

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Vegas, Bowling

I’m going to be competing in the USBC Open Championships bowling tournament July 13th and 14th, 2009. It’s in Vegas, so I thought I might as well make a week out of it, considering I’ve never been; I just booked tickets and hotel for July 12th-17th. I plan to play a few poker tournaments while I’m there, should be a good time.

Anyone interested in witnessing greatness?

Man, I hope my freaking mini comes by then. April 30th is the latest estimate, grrrr.

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Back from Cleveland

Cleveland was a good time. Met my nephew Luke, (almost) broke my uncle Bernie‘s rib, visited my pops, shot some guns, saw a really old cemetery, etc. Pretty good time.

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In Cleveland

I’m currently in Cleveland visiting family. Fun times.

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A U.S. Airways LaGuardia NY Airport Horror Story (part 1)

(Best Jack Bauer voice) The following takes place between 12:00 PM 4/28 and 12:00 AM 4/29.

  • 4/28 12:00p EST, get to LaGuardia airport in NY for a 1:59 departing flight with U.S. Airways, $40 paid to taxi service. Slight rain, very little wind. Ready to get to Philadelphia, then off to Portland, OR.
  • Check in for flight, eat lunch, relax.
  • 1:45, board the smallest plane Kessa or I had ever seen, ~40 passengers. says delayed until 2:15, fine.
  • On plane, at 2:15 at runway we’re told weather conditions are too bad, waiting until 3:15.
  • 3:15, weather conditions bad, will try again at 3:45.
  • 3:45, weather conditions bad, will try again at 4:15.
  • 3:50, we’re ok to go, we’re #10 on the runway to fly out.
  • 4:10, still ok, #4.
  • Free booze, help myself to a Gin and Tonic, Kessa has a red wine.
  • 4:30, #2, alright.
  • 4:40, on the runway.
  • 4:45, “sorry folks, we’ve been shut down, we’ve been told to try again at 5:15. The plane is taxied back to the terminal.”
  • 4:48, “ok, we’re back on, prepare for departure, we’re #4.”
  • 4:55, on the runway.
  • 5:00, “sorry folks, this is embarrassing, we’ve been shut down again.” Off back to the terminal. “we need to refuel.”
    Still slight rain and very little wind.
  • 5:05, refueled, “we’re ready for departure, #2 in line, on the runway.
  • 5:15, “ok we’ve been shut down again. There will be some missed connections, does anyone want to get off?”
    {5 deuchebags raise hand}
  • 5:20 at the terminal, “all connecting flights except nashville and london will be missed. if you’re on any flights but these, you must rebook.”
  • 5:20 back at the terminal. “Please see the special services counter to rebook.” Get in the front of line at the special services counter, 2 in front of us ~25 behind.
  • 5:25 our turn!
  • 6:10, after 45 minutes talking to the rep, we realize there’s no chance of getting in to Portland before the next day at 9 a.m., as I requested. The best bet is to go to Charlotte, check out and stay the night (no we will not pay for your room), check in at 7 a.m., go to Phoenix, then to Portland to arrive at 1 p.m.
    WHAT? Are you kidding me?
  • “The best we can do for you is 2 $10 meal vouchers. Enjoy {(stale|frozen|cold instead of warm|warm instead of cold) airport food}.”
  • 7:45, we finally board the plane that was supposed to take off at 6:55 for Charlotte.
  • 10:00, arrive in Charlotte, come to find our baggage didn’t make it… they give us a ‘convience package’ with bare necessities and a sorry note.
  • 11:00, we arrive at a hotel 3 miles away from the airport, and pay $60 for 6 hours of sleep.
  • 4/29 12:00a, pizza arrives; not paid for by airlines

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