Switched to a Runcore SSD

So I purchased a 16 GB Runcore ssd (aka the fastest available ssd) for my Dell Mini 9 to replace the SuperTalent 32GB ssd (aka the slowest and cheapest available ssd) I’ve been running on for the past few months. I bought the Runcore used for $55 shipped on HardForum, and sold my SuperTalent for $20 to a fellow enthusiast at work.

I had an elaborate scheme of how I would resize my 32GB partition to <16GB, then direct copy it over to the new drive, then have it automagically work, but after copying there was some corrupt data, so I decided to just start over. Nothing worth saving anyway. That’s the beauty of a netbook, no local storage is required.

Now for the benchmarking, I used Bart’s Stuff Test 5 for hdd speed benchmarking, and these are the results:
on the old hdd:
3019 blocks written, 754MB
Max/s: 5.2MB
Avg/s: 4.3MB

on the new hdd:
3059 blocks written, 765MB
Max/s: 23.8MB
Avg/s: 23.6MB

Woah! Huge difference… I can really tell, everything is a lot more responsive, and Windows 7 runs very smoothly.

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16GB Runcore SSD purchased

Got sick of my SuperTalent 32GB SSD aka the slowest and cheapest 32GB SSD you can get for the Dell Mini 9.

So I purchased a 16GB Runcore aka the fastest 16GB SSD you can get, used from [H]. It might arrive before vacation, but I won’t plan on it.

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Mini Upgrades

So, I bought the Mini 9, still about 3 weeks before it comes, but I knew I’d want to upgrade it. So I recently purchased:
Super Talent 32GB SSD and 2GB ram module to replace the 512MB ram module.
8 cell 77WHr battery, to replace the built-in 32WHr 4 cell battery.

I expect both of these to come before the mini, but that’s alright…

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