Obvious post is obvious

I was sitting in a college statistics class with about 20 students a few years ago, and our professor wagered to the students $20 that no two people in the room had the same birth date. One student instantly took that bet; his twin was sitting right next to him. The professor paid the $20 and went on with this lesson.

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It Matters Where You Go To College

I was informed by another manager in Oracle that all college graduate candidates have to come from Oracle’s college recruite program, which has a list of college schools it takes candidates from. University of Portland is not one of them.

So wait, you mean I just wasted $80k+ in tuition and expenses, not to mention the $100k+ of opportunity cost just to be told that where I went wasn’t good enough?

After all, it is an ABET accredited Computer Science program

University of Portland
Portland, OR

Date of Next General Review: 2009 – 10
Computer Science BS [2004]

I thought I was looking at the opportunity of a lifetime, when it turns out I was never given a chance…

Edit: I just got a call, it’s back on!

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Graduation at last

It’s official, Kessa and I graduated from University of Portland.

Just under 700 students graduated (the largest class yet) from University of Portland on Sunday, May 7th, 2006.

Kessa graduated Maxima Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in Music and won Outstanding Instrumentalist of the Year. She finished with a 3.98 cumulative.

Ray graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Computer Science and won Top Score in CS Comprehensive Exam (of ~12 students). He finished with a 3.47 cumulative.

We have some pictures of the event.

And I believe this concludes the school category, but who knows what the future holds.

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Web Transcript at UP

Since I just finished my last semester at University of Portland, I thought I’d post a transcript of my grades/classes. I received the following information from UP’s online web transcript:

Transferred from Clark College
27.33 credits, 3.71 GPA

Fall 2002
EE 231 Logic Design 3 credits, A
EGR 110 Intro to Engineering 2 credits, B
MTH 202 Calculus II 4 credits, B+
PHY 204 General Physics 3 credits, B+
PHY 274 General Physics Lab 1 credit, B+
THE 101 Intro Religion & Theo 3 credits, B+
16 credits, 3.39 GPA

Spring 2003
CS 203 Computer Science I 3 credits, A
CS 273 Computer Science Lab I 3 credits, A
MTH 301 Vector Calculus 4 credits, B+
MTH 341 Intro Linear Algebra 3 credits, B-
PHY 205 Gen Physics Lecture & Lab 4 credits, B+
THE 205 Biblical Tradition & Culture 3 credits, C-
18 credits, 3.08 GPA

Fall 2003
CS 204 Computer Science II 3 credits, A
CS 274 Comptuer Science Lab II 1 credit, A
MTH 311 Discrete Structures 3 credits, B-
MTH 461 Applied Statistics I 3 credits, B
PHL 220 Ethics 3 credits, A-
THE 421 Suffering & Death 3 credits, A-
16 credits, 3.45 GPA

Spring 2004
CS 303 Data Structures I 3 credits, A
CS 373 Data Structures Lab 1 credit, A
FA 207 Fine Arts 3 credits, B+
PHL 331 Asian Philosophy 3 credits, A
PHY 306 Modern Physics 3 credits, B
PHY 376 Modern Physics Lab 1 credit, A
14 credits, 3.63 GPA

Fall 2004
CS 304 Data Structures II 3 credits, A-
CS 374 Computing Systems Lab 1 credit, A
CS 448 Computer Systems Security 3 credits, A-
EE 333 Computer Organization 3 credits, B+
MTH 321 Ordinary Differential Equations 3 credits, B+
MTH 401 Real Analysis I 3 credits, C
16 credits, 3.25 GPA

Spring 2005
CS 352 Programming Languages 3 credits, A-
CS 392 Advanced Programming Techniques 1 credit, A
CS 452 Compiler Design 3 credits, B-
MTH 345 Number Theory 3 credits, B+
MTH 404 Complex Variables 3 credits, B
13 credits, 3.23 GPA

Fall 2005
CS 421 Artificial Intelligence 3 credits, A
CS 441 Software Engineering I 3 credits, B
CS 451 Theory of Computation 3 credits, A
CS 480 Senior Design Project Preparation 3 credits, B+
CS 491 Game Design & Theory 3 credits, A
15 credits, 3.66 GPA

Spring 2006
CS 411 Analysis of Algorithms 3 credits, A-
CS 432 Computer Graphics 3 credits, A
CS 445 Networks & Internetworking 3 credits, B+
CS 446 Operating Systems 3 credits, B+
CS 481 Senior Design Project 3 credits, A
15 credits, 3.66 GPA

150.33 credits, 3.47 GPA
Bachelor of Science in Computer Science with minor in Mathematics

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Final Grades, Spring 2006

The grades are in for Spring, 2006.

CS 411 Analysis of Algorithms 3 credits, A-
CS 432 Computer Graphics 3 credits, A
CS 445 Networks & Internetworking 3 credits, B+
CS 446 Operating Systems 3 credits, B+
CS 481 Senior Design Project 3 credits, A

Overall this semester
15 credits, 3.66 GPA.

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