Spotting a Fake USB Drive from eBay

So I bought a “64GB USB FLASH DRIVE USB 2.0 PEN STICK MEMORY 64GB” from eBay for $23 shipped from China a few weeks ago, and it just came today. I was skeptical, because I’ve had experience with getting incorrectly sized flash memory from those Chinese eBay scammers.

I found this guide, which says

It’s one thing to be sold the wrong size drive, but these “hacked” drives which appear on your computer to be the right size, actually corrupt your valuable data to make it look like it fits on a much smaller capacity memory chip.

I followed their guide, and sure enough, my 64GB drive is closer to 20GB, or 21,850,329,088 bytes. The first file after this amount looks like this:

So I filed a claim on eBay, hoping to get this refunded. Turns out the seller’s account “no longer exists”. Meh. Moral of the story (which I should have already known): if it looks to good to be true, it probably is.

Edit: Ebay gave me a full refund. Hoorah.

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16GB Runcore SSD purchased

Got sick of my SuperTalent 32GB SSD aka the slowest and cheapest 32GB SSD you can get for the Dell Mini 9.

So I purchased a 16GB Runcore aka the fastest 16GB SSD you can get, used from [H]. It might arrive before vacation, but I won’t plan on it.

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Mini Upgrades

So, I bought the Mini 9, still about 3 weeks before it comes, but I knew I’d want to upgrade it. So I recently purchased:
Super Talent 32GB SSD and 2GB ram module to replace the 512MB ram module.
8 cell 77WHr battery, to replace the built-in 32WHr 4 cell battery.

I expect both of these to come before the mini, but that’s alright…

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Dell Inspiron Mini 9n Netbook Purchased

I just sold my Wii, so I had money to burn. I was looking at ultraportable notebooks a few months ago (and by ultraportable notebooks, I really meant netbooks; the cheap linux based gutless systems, not the 8x-the-price fully fledged systems like the Macbook Air), and I ended up scrapping the idea, but recently I’ve been thinking of nice it might be to be able to take a netbook places, even just in the house. Sure I use a notebook already, but it’s even a hassle to disassemble it and move it around the house. I’d never take it from my living room to the bedroom, for instance, because it’s too much work to haul everything.

So, I just purchased what I would consider to be a very slick deal, a Dell Inspiron Mini 9 Netbook. The price was right,
$249 base
– $50 instant for EPP
– 7% for EPP
+ 9.99 for shipping
– 9.99 shipping discount for EPP
Final price: $185.07

Configured thusly:
Black chassis
Intel Atom Processor N270 (1.6GHz/533Mhz FSB/512K cache)
512MB DDR2 at 533MHz
8GB Solid State Drive
Glossy 8.9 inch LED display (1024×600)
Intel Graphics Media Accelerator (GMA) 950
Wireless 802.11g Mini Card
32WHr Battery (4 cell)
Ubuntu Linux version 8.04.1
1Yr Ltd Warranty and Mail-In Service

It’s not expected to arrive for about a month, but I’m pretty stoked. I plan to upgrade it and hax it out pretty heavily, and maybe even get hackintosh up and running on it (this is the only fully hackintoshable netbook).

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Lamar Cruiser 163cm Snowboard purchased

Found a pretty good deal on a Lamar Cruiser 163cm Snowboard with M3 bindings and Airwalk size 14 boots (on flickr). Since I’m going snowboarding next week and I hate how pricey they are to rent, I figure that this will get some once-a-year use out of me for the rest of my life. Or then again, maybe I will use them next week, and never again.

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