Choosing an Ultra Portable Notebook part 2: Comparison

I spent a few hours putting together a price/value matrix for all of the available ultraportable notebooks. I included a 13.3″ Macbook to see how it compares, might end up going with it eventually.

Looks like the MSI Wind is the best deal, now if only I could find one…

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Choosing an Ultra Portable Notebook part 1

Back in the day, I had a Dell Inspiron 700m 12″ portable notebook. I really liked that notebook. It was eventually sold it because I didn’t like how bad it was at playing games.

Recently, there’s a market for what they’re calling “Ultra portable” notebooks, e.g. the Asus Eee Pc, Acer Aspire One, and the MSI Wind.

These are designed to run Linux, or Windows XP and provide a small and light, portable unit. My wife recently started the program to get her Masters in Teaching, and she asked I get her a cheap, portable notebook to take with her to school. What a perfect opportunity. I’ll be looking at reviews to purchase one soon.

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