Drowned Ipod

I just dropped my new Ipod into the sink, and it now appears to be broken. The unit still functions for the most part, but I can’t get any audio output to work. I’m going to leave it off for awhile and see if it resolves itself, fingers crossed. I purchased a replacement digitizer for this Ipod, and never got around to installing it. Dang!

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Bought iPod Touch 2nd gen 8GB

I’ve been thinking of doing some iPod/iPhone app store development, and the only two things that have kept me back are 1) no test unit and 2) no development machine. That, combined with the fact that my old ipod recently died, I figured it’s time to upgrade.

So I’ve been looking out for deals on iPod Touches. Found a 2nd generation 8 GB iPod touch with a cosmetic crack on the screen (digitizer, not LCD) for $80 with a load of accessories. Picked it up as well as a replacement digitizer (and tool to open the front) from eBay for $14. I am happy with this deal so far. As far as I’m concerned, the iPod touch is all of the good things about the iPhone and none of the bad.

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Rhythmbox and iPod

At work, I listen to my iPod with Rhythmbox on Xubuntu latest stable. Rhythmbox isn’t perfect, but from my experience it was the best at dealing with my iPod, works great for reading from and writing to it. Every once in awhile it will do something that makes me very angry at it.

For example, sometimes when I click on a music share with a password, there is no way to escape the resulting screen. No matter how hard I try, I end up having to go to a virtual terminal and killing the rhythmbox process. I have no need for music shares, or this might be an issue.

Another example, about 90% of the time that I eject my iPod, I have to click OK to a dialog that says “Cannot unmount the volume ‘IPOD'”, with details “Cannot remove directory”. /media/IPOD is owned by my user with perms 0755, so that doesn’t really make any sense. After clicking OK, the media is actually ejected. *shrug* not a big deal.

The most annoying example — and something that makes me not want to use this player again — was yesterday. Rhythmbox was playing The Mighty Mighty Bosstones – The Impression That I Get from my iPod when the player froze. It locked up. I switched to a terminal and killed it, which led to a defunct process, but the window was still open and still very much locked up. Because I hadn’t written anything to the iPod recently, I decided to ignore the flashing red circle and disconnect it anyway. I eventually had to close the window manager and reboot because Rhythmbox was giving me such a hard time. I left work yesterday and thought nothing of it.

This morning I came in, connected my iPod as usual, and came to find there wass no music on there. All of the photos were in tact, so it wasn’t a complete wipe, but every single song (of my ~15GB collection) was gone; and of course not backed up. I knew this day would come someday… just didn’t really want it to be today =\

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Beeping Unsyncable iPod with USB

My old iPod, which is now the property of Kessa, was having some issues after the battery was exhausted. It is a PC formatted iPod, and in its battery-drained state I plugged it into my PC via the USB 2.0 cable to charge and put songs onto the music player.

Once plugged in, it gave the screen as though the battery was very low. Typically it gives this message until the battery is charged a little, then it will go into sync mode. However, in this instance, it would pass the initial charge, then attempt to sync and double beep (I assume signifying battery died), then return back to the battery low screen. I left it plugged in for about 10 minutes, and it cycled through these steps 4 times before I gave up.

As suggested at macrumors.com, supposedly a firewire cable can take the iPod out of this loop-o-doom. Unfortunately, my notebook doesn’t have a full sized firewire port; only a mini firewire port. Luckily, I have a Mac Mini with my HTPC. I plugged the iPod into the Mac with the firewire cable, it charged and synced instantly. If I had a wall or car charger, I bet that would solve the issue also.

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White iPod 5G 80GB

At my work’s party today I won an engraved 5G 80GB White Apple iPod (retail $350 atm) and 2x $50 iTunes gift cards. My 4G 20GB White Apple iPod has about 4GB used, so I need to put some more music on it :).

Also, time to sell my old one…

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