Namaste Indian Cuisine

Namaste, is the (only?) best Indian Cuisine all you can eat buffet in Vancouver, Washington. That is all.

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Cheap Mexican Food

I’m always looking for good deals, especially when it comes to food. Restaurant.com has good deals on food, especially with coupons, but there aren’t too many good choices for restaurants in my area. I redeemed a coupon today for some fajitas as Mexico Lindo. Price:
$10.29 + ($0.85 tax) + (30% * $3 = $0.90 for coupon) – $10 = $2.04 + tip for some $11.14 fajitas.

Delicious (geotagged).

I plan to do this once a month — as often as the coupon allows.

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McDonalds: Where you can get airline food on the ground ™

I had a McSkillet Burrito from McDonald’s today, something they’ve been pushing into every commercial slot they get for about a month now. They’re touting it as though it’s healthy, but I assure you, it’s far from it. The burrito rather tasted like left overs from all of their other breakfast sandwiches piled into one, with a little sauce and peppers pushed in at the last minute. It could be that I’m sick, or it could be that this burrito was completely disgusting, but I rather feel like upchucking it.

It’s a shame I bought two for breakfast this morning. I don’t think this food is fit for my dogs…

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Dick Hannah Gift Basket

Dick Hannah sent us a Gift Basket for buying our car from them. I wonder if they know that I work at GiftTree, located in Vancouver and specializing in Gift Baskets.

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Cheap Food

If you’re a deal person (a.k.a. a cheap person) like myself, you’d appreciate it everytime there’s a coupon available for Restaurant.com listed on slickdeals.net.

Currently listed:

Apply coupon code 39109 at Restaurant.com to receive 60% off gift certificate

This means you pay $10-60% = $4 for a $25 off of $35 gift certificate. Essentially, you order $35 worth of food and pay $14. Last time I did it, 5 of us ate at E-San Thai in downtown Portland, for $36-$25+4 = $15… and the food was delicious!

On another note, going to Jack in the Box, buying a $25 gift card and getting a large combo for free, then paying for everyone else’s food with the gift card is also a good idea :). Their grease-dripping tacos are the best.

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