I’m sure I’ll use this in the future: FlickrDown.

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Flickr 1 Year Later

I’m coming up on the renewal of my Flickr pro account. Now that I’ve made ~150 sets, I see that non-pro accounts are limited to 3 sets, not to mention the photostream only shows the most recent 200 images; the others can’t be found in a convenient manner. Since I don’t want my ~147 sets to magically disappear, I better renew.

Tricky bastards.

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Flickr Revisited

So I migrated all of my photos to Flickr in October, and it’s been a great improvement for my needs.

I recently added a listing of 10 random images from my Flickr photos to my site’s sidebar, which is amazing that they let you do that, and incredibly fast — as is all of Flickr. It looks to be not perfect (that is, not perfectly random), but the fact that it’s so fast makes up for that. I remember it being a hassle and a hack to get Gallery2 to show a single random image outside of the application in a decent amount of time, much less a series of them.

Flickr recently released Flickr Uploadr 3.0 (pic of it is above), which is an amazing piece of software. Every problem that I had in the 2.x series is gone, namely

  1. It maximized your upload speed — so unless there’s another layer at the system or router level to limit your upload speed, some connections will have the download speed throttled as a result. The new version doesn’t ask you your max upload speed, it must just do automatic limiting to ~85-90%.
  2. It wouldn’t let you set item specific tags, titles, etc. The way they do it now is nothing short of brilliant.
  3. You couldn’t do batch jobs, i.e. start one job and work on another in the meantime. My upload speed is less than phenomenal, and the fact that the images are 3-8MB each doesn’t help. On the other hand, since you can now set element specific attributes, there’s not really too much of a need for batch jobs.

I really like the social part of it, and the tagging. I’m intrigued by what they call interestingness, and am determined to someday take an ‘interesting’ photo.

Overall, I only have a few small regrets from transferring all of my photos to Flickr. If you take photos at all, I recommend it.

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