New Job: Technical Consultant

I have accepted a position as a Technical Consultant at Appirio. This ends a 2 month, 2 day unemployment streak that I was on, the longest I’ve been out of a job since 9th grade! I do feel blessed, there are some others I know in the same situation that have not been able to locate a new permanent position.

I’m really excited about this opportunity for my career! I have to believe that some high power had a hand in forcing me out the door from my previous position, because I’d still be there otherwise. This job has better pay, more interesting work, and with a better company (of course the last two are my opinion, any former co-workers of mine).

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Company Sold

The product in the company for which I work has been purchased by Sedo, one of our larger competitors. Overall, I think this is a good thing for the RevenueDirect product and its customers, it can finally get the attention it requires to be truly successful.

As far as my employment, I will still be employed with Dotster. I will be put on and given ownership of other projects, and I truly feel as though now I can be free to pursue some things that will allow me to mature more as a Software Engineer. It has been an amazing learning experience, and I’m ready to move on.

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Driving, or Lack Thereof

My new job is less than 2 miles from my house. I’ve driven my car everyday so far, although that might soon change. I filled my gas tank today for the first time in 3 weeks, in contrast to once every week at the job before, or 2-3 times a week at the job before that. Gas is teh suck.

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New Job

I have made a lateral and slightly upward career move from GiftTree as a Web Programmer to Dotster as a Software Engineer. I start on Monday. I updated my About page accordingly.

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Goodbye GiftTree, Hello Dotster

I’ve been at GiftTree for 9 months, and it’s been a great company to work for. I really like the people and the environment.

Today I accepted a position at Dotster Inc as a Software Engineer. They are located 1.9 miles from my house, the perfect distance for biking or walking. I’m amazed to be living so close to where I will work, it is definitely not what I planned or expected, but I’m pleasantly surprised.

I’m going on a 2 week cruise, then I have my final 2 weeks at GiftTree. My last day at GiftTree is May 18th, and I start at Dotster May 21st.

Exciting times!

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