Obvious post is obvious

I was sitting in a college statistics class with about 20 students a few years ago, and our professor wagered to the students $20 that no two people in the room had the same birth date. One student instantly took that bet; his twin was sitting right next to him. The professor paid the $20 and went on with this lesson.

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http colon backslash backslash

\ is a backslash.

Some browsers will correct you if you go to http:\\google.com, some will not.

It is a forward slash, /, not a backslash! Stop staying h t t p colon backslash backslash!

Edit: turns out i’ve ranted on this before.

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It’s a trap!


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Would of, Could of, Should of

It’s not “Would of, Could of, Should of”, it’s “Would have, Could have, Should have.”

Get a brain! Morans.

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I love technology


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