Thanksgiving Daisy

Someone likes being warm and cozy on Thxgiving 🙂

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Daisy’s OK!

Daisy returned healthy and happy from her operation. We got some video of her before and after, but I still have to committ to hook up the camera to the system and download it… 😛

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Good Luck Daisy!

Our Chihuahua Daisy is going into surgery tomorrow, and we’re very worried.

She’s getting spayed, her herniated belly button is getting fixed, and she’s getting some teeth pulled. Good luck Daisy!

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Daisy Mae Dehler

Introducing the latest member of the Dehler family, Daisy Mae. We picked the girl! She’s a brown Chihuahua, 8 weeks old and just under one pound.

And she is cute :). She’s Kessa’s dog, and Daisy knows it. See the pictures.

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New Dog in the Family

Kessa and I are looking at bringing a dog into our family, a baby Chihuahua.
We haven’t decided on the

or girl

It is supposed to get no larger than 3.5lb.

This most likely means no mac.

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