2003 Chrysler Sebring incessant horn

I turned on my car yesterday, and it had a little trouble starting, then when it finally turned on the horn blared and wouldn’t turn off. Turning off the car, pressing the horn, pressing the “panic” button on the remote all didn’t turn the horn off. After about 3 minutes, the horn stopped sounding, as if the battery died.

Turning it on the next day yielded the same results, and it again stopped after 3 minutes.

Pat thought it might be the battery going bad, so he tested another battery, and sure enough the car started up without the blaring horn. So we bought a new battery at Costco for ~$50 and Pat installed it in about 30 minutes. I drove the car to work today, works great.

It’s perplexing that a car would have a mechanism that sounds the horn if there’s something wrong with the battery. Couldn’t it flash a message on the dash, or just not start the car? No, those wouldn’t be embarrassing enough…

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Honda Sold!

The Honda sold for asking price ($600).


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Honda for Sale!

My Dead 1990 Honda Accord EX is for sale ($600), since I’ve got a new car.

My White 1990 Honda Accord EX died on me last month. I couldn’t figure out the problem, so I’m selling it AS-IS.

It has a misaligned trunk from being rear-ended in early 2005, but it’s purely cosmetic.

The car has new tires, purchased in 2005. The interior is in good condition.

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2003 Chrysler Sebring

Since my car died, we bought a new one, a 2003 Chrysler Sebring.

Yes we overpaid, but it was most everything we wanted in a car.

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My Car Is Dead.

I was driving down the road, and my car died. I couldn’t start it back up afterwards.

I think this is the last straw for my 1990 Honda Accord. It’s time to look for a newer, reliable and cheap replacement.

It was a good run, 5 years. RIP

On the bright side, this is right before my insurance expired, so I can start a new plan with a new car. 🙂

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