Internship at Autodesk (continued)

So, I wasn’t accepted for the position of software intern at Autodesk, but that’s fine. They evidently liked me enough to consider me for another position, an intern at the graphics lab. I had an interview for that this past Monday and it looks like that job is going to work for me.

I’ll know hopefully by Thursday of this week but at latest by Monday of next week. I was told that if it works out, starting pay for an intern could be between $13 and $18 per hour, which sure beats my recently raised wage of $8 per hour at University of Portland.

So I’m still really looking forward to this job. Still anxious to hear whether or not it’s going to work out for me. Still.

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Internship for summer (latest)

Well, it turns out I wasn’t qualified for my last internship opportunity. Bummer… but I guess they liked me because they want me to be interviewed for another position at Autodesk. Here’s is some information on that:


Sure. This is more of a QA position, although there is certainly some
coding involved also. Our product (Inventor) is very graphics intensive
so we have a QA lab specifically dedictated to Graphics testing. This
lab also does “platform testing” which includes things like verifying
the product on various Operating Systems and performance testing. The
position involves:

– Installing and configuring graphics cards and drivers
– Performing automated tests of graphics cards and drivers
– Maintaining software tools used to perform the graphics card tests
– Assisting with other forms of Platform testing — not always related
to graphics

So it’s still a good opportunity, if I can get it. I go in for that interview this next Monday.

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