Honda Sold!

The Honda sold for asking price ($600).


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Honda for Sale!

My Dead 1990 Honda Accord EX is for sale ($600), since I’ve got a new car.

My White 1990 Honda Accord EX died on me last month. I couldn’t figure out the problem, so I’m selling it AS-IS.

It has a misaligned trunk from being rear-ended in early 2005, but it’s purely cosmetic.

The car has new tires, purchased in 2005. The interior is in good condition.

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My Car Is Dead.

I was driving down the road, and my car died. I couldn’t start it back up afterwards.

I think this is the last straw for my 1990 Honda Accord. It’s time to look for a newer, reliable and cheap replacement.

It was a good run, 5 years. RIP

On the bright side, this is right before my insurance expired, so I can start a new plan with a new car. 🙂

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My 1990 Honda Accord

My car has dash lights galore!

Check Engine Light – shows when I brake on the freeway… I’m not sure why. I call it my car’s rebellion to traffic.
Flashing Sports Mode Light – it’s like the car doesn’t know if it wants to go “Sporty” or “Regular”
Broken/Intermittently Broken Speedometer – do you know any other 1990 Honda Accords that can go 0-80 in 0.5 seconds? 😛
Broken Tripometer and Odometer (when the above doesn’t work) – what a better way to limit milage than to have it not track!
Rear Lamp Light Out – I know it’s not out, my car knows it’s not out… but my car doesn’t know that I know that it knows it’s not out!

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My Car

I have a 1990 Honda Accord. It was once great. Now? Not so much.

I bought the car in 2002 for $2500 when I first got my license. I bought it from my Aunt and Uncle, who said it was “the best car they’ve ever had”. Since then, I’ve put on 50,000 miles, 1 totalling accident, a brake job, and a new muffler.

Sometime in 2003, I noticed that the “Brake Lamp” light on my dash was lit up. I checked, there were no brake lights out. I changed the brake bulbs, the light didn’t go away. Confused and frustrated, I said forget it. So now, there’s a permanent “Brake Lamp” light on my dash. YAY.

The car has always had a problem with overheating… if I’m on the freeway in traffic on a hot day, the engine temperature will get to the H, forcing me to turn up the heat and roll down the windows (because it’s not hot enough anyway). This was actually the catalyst to more problems.

Because I carpool with Pat, he wanted to fix the overheating problem, and he was sure that he could. He has a background in dealing with cars, so I trusted him. He “replaced a fuse and cleaned the grounds”, whatever that means, and at first it was great. The air conditioner could be kept on for the whole hour long trip from Tualatin to Vancouver in traffic. A few days later, the speedometer stopped working. I would be driving, and all of a sudden it would read “0 mph”. It would intermittently swap between 0 and the correct mph. (By the way, have you ever seen a 1990 Honda Accord go 0-60 in 0.5 seconds? I have :).)

After a few days of dealing with this problem, I was told it wasn’t serious, just perhaps a cosmetic problem. Then all of a sudden, the “Check Engine” light would intermittently come on. I may be car-dumb, but I know that’s certainly not “cosmetic”…

So I’ll be taking it into the shop (joy) very soon, hopefully it won’t be too serious (expensive).

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