NZBPerl and SSL (using stunnel4)

SSL is a fairly recent addition (seemingly) to the usenet client arena, most clients that support it have only added support within the past two years or so. I’m giving NZBPerl a try, mostly because it’s the only one that fits in natively with Torrentflux b4rt. NZBPerl “technically” supports ssl (with the –ssl switch), but in practice it hangs and never really accomplishes its tasks. It’s all over teh interwebs that NZBPerl doesn’t quite work with ssl, but since the author last released in late 2006, it’s not likely to see an update to properly support ssl.

I spent about 4 hours over the weekend playing around with the source to no avail. If I could find a working patch, I would have applied it and submitted it upstream… that would have been ideal of course.

So I instead used the haxy method, wrap the nonssl nntp requests in stunnel, therefore effectively accomplishing the same goal. Here is the setup I used in Ubuntu:

# superuser assumed
apt-get install stunnel4
vim /etc/stunnel/snntp.conf
# put in the following
accept  =
connect = SECURE_NEWS_SERVER:563
# /put
stunnel4 /etc/stunnel/snttp.conf 1>>/var/log/stunnel.log 2>&1 &

Then in Torrentflux-b4rt, enable NZBPerl (ensuring prereqs match first), set the server hostname to, add your username/password to the list, and give it a try. Of course inspect /var/log/stunnel.log if there are any issues. Worked like a charm for me.

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