Marcus visits April 19

My brother Marcus visits for some pre-wedding bliss on April 19th. While he’s here, his schedule is as follows (as far as I can tell):
Wednesday: picked up from airport, dinner at Aunt Barb’s, sleep at Uncle Barry’s.
Thursday: goes to Bagby with Uncle Barry, sleep at Ray’s.
Friday: dinner at Uncle Bob’s, sleep at Bob’s.
Saturday: day with Ray, bachelor party, etc., sleep at Ray’s.
Sunday: church with Ray, dinner at Aunt Brenda’s, sleep at ?.
Monday: government camp and timberline with Uncle Bob and Uncle Barry, dinner at Uncle Bruce’s, sleep at Uncle Bruce’s.
Tuesday: Bruce takes to airport.

I have lots of school work to do on Wednesday, and I won’t be finished until about 8 p.m. I also have a test Friday. The next week for me is “dead week” (the week before finals), which means that I would be pretty busy…

Since I took work off during these days, I should only be gone at the following times for school related appointments:
Wednesday until 8pm
Thursday until 5pm
Friday until 1:30pm
Monday until 1:30pm

But the above seems to not conflict. We’ll see when the time comes 😉

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