Internship for summer (latest)

Well, it turns out I wasn’t qualified for my last internship opportunity. Bummer… but I guess they liked me because they want me to be interviewed for another position at Autodesk. Here’s is some information on that:


Sure. This is more of a QA position, although there is certainly some
coding involved also. Our product (Inventor) is very graphics intensive
so we have a QA lab specifically dedictated to Graphics testing. This
lab also does “platform testing” which includes things like verifying
the product on various Operating Systems and performance testing. The
position involves:

– Installing and configuring graphics cards and drivers
– Performing automated tests of graphics cards and drivers
– Maintaining software tools used to perform the graphics card tests
– Assisting with other forms of Platform testing — not always related
to graphics

So it’s still a good opportunity, if I can get it. I go in for that interview this next Monday.

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    Kessa Said,

    May 10, 2004 @ 8:28 pm

    Too bad about the other one but they really must have liked you to set you up with another interview. I’m sure you’ll get it!!! I love you!

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