Cheap Food

If you’re a deal person (a.k.a. a cheap person) like myself, you’d appreciate it everytime there’s a coupon available for Restaurant.com listed on slickdeals.net.

Currently listed:

Apply coupon code 39109 at Restaurant.com to receive 60% off gift certificate

This means you pay $10-60% = $4 for a $25 off of $35 gift certificate. Essentially, you order $35 worth of food and pay $14. Last time I did it, 5 of us ate at E-San Thai in downtown Portland, for $36-$25+4 = $15… and the food was delicious!

On another note, going to Jack in the Box, buying a $25 gift card and getting a large combo for free, then paying for everyone else’s food with the gift card is also a good idea :). Their grease-dripping tacos are the best.


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    Richard Smiley Said,

    September 22, 2005 @ 10:56 am


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    Richard Smiley
    360 891-1907

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    Raybdbomb Said,

    September 22, 2005 @ 2:29 pm


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