Beeping Unsyncable iPod with USB

My old iPod, which is now the property of Kessa, was having some issues after the battery was exhausted. It is a PC formatted iPod, and in its battery-drained state I plugged it into my PC via the USB 2.0 cable to charge and put songs onto the music player.

Once plugged in, it gave the screen as though the battery was very low. Typically it gives this message until the battery is charged a little, then it will go into sync mode. However, in this instance, it would pass the initial charge, then attempt to sync and double beep (I assume signifying battery died), then return back to the battery low screen. I left it plugged in for about 10 minutes, and it cycled through these steps 4 times before I gave up.

As suggested at macrumors.com, supposedly a firewire cable can take the iPod out of this loop-o-doom. Unfortunately, my notebook doesn’t have a full sized firewire port; only a mini firewire port. Luckily, I have a Mac Mini with my HTPC. I plugged the iPod into the Mac with the firewire cable, it charged and synced instantly. If I had a wall or car charger, I bet that would solve the issue also.

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