2007 Recap, 2008 Resolutions (obligatory resolution post)

Two Thousand Seven was an interesting and trying year for myself and my family, but we have since overcome hardships. I’ve been very blessed with a beautiful and intelligent wife, and two perfect dogs.

March of last year I made some late resolutions for 2007. Here’s how it went:

  • Have a wii, modded.
  • Finish what I start, namely the functionality of the MAME cabinet.
  • Try Xbox Live, and Xbox Live arcade.
  • Only attain the games I’ll play.

I was a little interested in returning to work on the MAME cabinet when Systm did their MAME case, but I was pretty disappointed with their show. They didn’t show very much of the work being done, only the finished products. I think I lack the skill or technical knowhow to proceed doing what’s left, so it may stay as-is forever.

Resolutions for 2008 (in no particular order):

  • Create an “interesting” photo, by Flickr’s standards.
  • See a side project to completion. There are many on my plate to choose from. This may involve the next resolution.
  • Learn/Relearn a currently-not-known/currently-not-used programming language. And by learn, I mean do something useful with it.
  • Pick up a non computer, game, or television related hobby. Preferably something my wife likes to do as well.
  • Bowl a 225 game. I bowled my first 200 game in early December, 2007, so next logical step is 225.
  • Get all 1000 achievement points (the max possible — meaning do everything there is to do) for a single Xbox 360 game. It doesn’t matter which (although Gears of War is a strong contender).
  • Go out to eat less, and cook more gourmet food. Also, resume taking photos of food my wife or I make, but perhaps not in the same fashion as previously done.


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    Jeff Said,

    January 1, 2008 @ 8:44 pm

    Good luck with your 2008 resolutions. Just two months ago I decided to try to eat out less. Unfortunately, that hasn’t happened yet. But 2008 would be a great time to start.

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    Steve Magoo Said,

    January 9, 2008 @ 11:40 am

    I have seen some perfect dogs before in my life. Those dogs do look perfect, but I am considered about your perfection criteria and perhaps some additional testing is in order.

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    Raybdbomb Said,

    January 9, 2008 @ 12:57 pm

    What did you have in mind, Steve-o? 😛

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