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Using jquery selectors with dynamic visualforce

JQuery is a great js library, you can easily grab a component or list of components using any number of selectors. Using it with visualforce can present a problem, however. When you specify an id attribute on a VF component, … Continue reading

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Apex Pattern: Save and Open PDF from button

I’ve heard variations to this request a few times now: Can we have a button on the {object} where we generate a PDF, save it as an attachment on the {object} record, and open it? Saving a PDF is so … Continue reading

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Best Practice: Related Fields with Standard Controller Extensions

So you want to build a StandardController extension, and you’re considering using the StandardController.getRecord() method to get the record supplied by the Standard Controller. The problem is, it doesn’t pull in each of the fields you need to use, right? … Continue reading

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Visualforce: Integrating a loading animation the standard way

As Phil was trying to tell me, making a loading graphic show on a VF page is mega easy with the actionStatus visualforce component. Here’s a sample: <apex:actionStatus id="status"> <apex:facet name="start"> Loading… <img src="/img/loading.gif" alt="Loading…"/> </apex:facet> </apex:actionStatus> <apex:commandButton action="{!doSomething}" value="Show … Continue reading

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Using the Salesforce JSON Generator for quick visualforce translations

Asychronous Javascript (Aj of Ajax)) on Salesforce is easy. Salesforce does a great job of making it simple to have a way on a visualforce page to have an apex class do some processing and return the result to the … Continue reading

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Visualforce: Integrating a pretty “loading” animation

Introduction One of the reasons I love doing Visualforce development on Salesforce is because how easy it is to do asynchronous (ajax; javascript) requests for server-side (apex) processing. It is incredibly easy with the apex:actionFunction tag — just return null … Continue reading

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