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How to prepare for and pass Salesforce Release Exams

I hold a few Salesforce certifications at this point (Advanced Administrator, Developer [Advanced any day now], Sales Cloud Consultant and Service Cloud Consultant). So every few months, like many of you, I have to take the newest release exams from … Continue reading

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Required field is missing: label (cryptic salesforce error message from ant deploy)

I saw this error message recently, which didn’t make much sense: BUILD FAILED build.xml:{line num}: FAILURES: Error: pages/PageName.page(PageName):Required field is missing: label This error can happen when attempting to deploy a page that is missing the meta xml file. If … Continue reading

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Using the Salesforce JSON Generator for quick visualforce translations

Asychronous Javascript (Aj of Ajax)) on Salesforce is easy. Salesforce does a great job of making it simple to have a way on a visualforce page to have an apex class do some processing and return the result to the … Continue reading

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Visualforce: Integrating a pretty “loading” animation

Introduction One of the reasons I love doing Visualforce development on Salesforce is because how easy it is to do asynchronous (ajax; javascript) requests for server-side (apex) processing. It is incredibly easy with the apex:actionFunction tag — just return null … Continue reading

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Enable All Trusted IP Ranges for a Salesforce Org

Update 3/2/2016 (final) The original way in which we could enable all trusted IPs has gone the way of the dodo ever since Salesforce removed the ability to run javascript on homepage components. However, now there’s a Chrome extension to … Continue reading

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parse vs valueOf for Date in Apex

If you look at the static method prototypes for Date.parse and Date.valueOf for apex, each accepts a String and each returns a new Date instance. You have to read the example in the description to know the difference — in … Continue reading

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