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Importing a java keystore jks file to Salesforce

I had a certificate which needed import into Salesforce, and one of the options provided to me was to put it into a java keystore, which could easily be imported. Since the file I had available to me wasn’t in … Continue reading

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Endpoint for Salesforce custom SOAP web service

It was surprising difficult to figure out what the endpoint should be for a custom SOAP web service created on Salesforce, probably due to the generic terms used. When you create a custom soap web service in Salesforce, e.g. and … Continue reading

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I’ve had to struggle to remember how to do this enough times that I think it’s worth documenting. Using the LIKE keyword to filter records in a SOQL or SOSL query is a great way to do searching using a … Continue reading

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Salesforce URL Hacking basics with retURL, saveURL and cancelURL

I have a rather large post about URL Hacking on Salesforce, but it occurs to me that some basics aren’t really addressed. Let’s address one of the fundamental components of URL hacking: navigation. What happens to the URL when you … Continue reading

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Clone a Quote Line Item with an Apex Controller

Jasper asked: I’m in need of a custom clone button to clone single QuoteLineItems [with URL hacking]. I followed up with Jasper privately in email, committing to helping him. He confirmed in email that the following solution worked for him, … Continue reading

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Debugging SOAP Callouts

For years I thought the only way to view the raw XML of a SOAP request from Salesforce was to view the debug log in a Developer Edition org. Two problems: Sometimes it’s a hassle to get your code and … Continue reading

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