Enable All Trusted IP Ranges for a Salesforce Org

Update 3/2/2016 (final)

The original way in which we could enable all trusted IPs has gone the way of the dodo ever since Salesforce removed the ability to run javascript on homepage components. However, now there’s a Chrome extension to accomplish this same functionality, please use that!

Update Feb 2016:

This Chrome Plugin has a “Allow All Ranges (!)” button, which works here. Give it a shot!

Update July 2015:

I’m aware that Salesforce has made a change which makes this method no longer work. Stay tuned for a replacement. Feel free to ping me on email or twitter to hurry me up!

Do you get annoyed by Salesforce’s mandatory IP whitelist restrictions? In other words, when logging in via the web, are you sick of getting presented with one of the following?

Login History on the user record:
Failed: Computer activation required, or
Failed: Computer activation pending

While the user is presented with the following screen instead of logging in:
“Enter your verification code”

Which leads to an email sent to the User’s email field containing the text

You have requested access to salesforce.com from an unknown device. Use the verification code below within 24 hours to activate this device.

Verification Code: {5 digit number}

IMPORTANT: If you have not requested to activate a device, or believe you have received this message in error, please contact salesforce.com support (support@salesforce.com) immediately.

What does “activation” mean? Should I activate this computer?

Activation helps reduce the risk of security issues related to login. Activating this computer helps salesforce.com recognize this computer when you use it to access salesforce.com. You should activate this computer if it is owned by you or your employer and you are confident it is free of malware.

Sometimes — as is the case when a sandbox is recently refreshed — the email on the user record is not valid. In the sandbox refresh case, all users have their emails appended with .{the sandbox name}. Because of this, the user wouldn’t get the aforementioned activation email, making this difficult to remedy.

Important: read the Salesforce security guidelines if you haven’t already.

Still want to rid the requirement to restrict IPs? Enter the Trusted IP Ranges (1.4) unmanaged appexchange package.

To install in your org:

  1. Go to the AppExchange package, and Install.
  2. Navigate to Setup => Customize => Home Page Layouts and add “Enable All Trusted IPs” to your Home Page Layout.
  3. Go to Home, and follow the directions of the new Component.
  4. Confirm that the results look as follows
  5. Upon completion and confirmation, uninstall the package.

Good luck!

The source is available on github if you’re interested.

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    A very handy tool for dev environments, well done and thanks for taking the time to post such a great tool.

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