Debugging SOAP Callouts

For years I thought the only way to view the raw XML of a SOAP request from Salesforce was to view the debug log in a Developer Edition org. Two problems:

  1. Sometimes it’s a hassle to get your code and metadata as it stands into a Developer Edition org, as many business actually develop in Sandboxes, not Developer Edition orgs.
  2. It doesn’t provide header information, only the xml of the request and response.

Enter Simply:

  1. Create a RequestBin to serve as an endpoint for your callout.
  2. Update your code which consumes the wsdl2apex’d wsdl to use endpoint_x = {your created request bin}
  3. Add a remote site for request.bin in Admin => Security
  4. View the full request on the site

Super simple, thanks to everyone at Appirio who recommended it.

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One Response to Debugging SOAP Callouts

  1. John Sheehan says:

    Hi Ray,
    Thanks for the link to RequestBin! If you’re looking for a little more in-depth debugging, try our Traffic Inspector. You can capture requests and forward them on to the endpoint all in one go. Jeff from Appirio wrote about it here:


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