Analytics Snapshot, 2 months in

In the expectations section of my statement of purpose, I said

I do expect posts from this blog to show up on the first page of search results for somewhat uncommon issues.

So I thought it might be neat to recognize when this occurs, on a snapshot basis.

According to Google Analytics for entrance keywords, I’m first page for the following keyword combos, which actually led here.

  • soql subquery
  • salesforce soql count children
  • count() soql in subquery
  • how to get the subquery object :soql
  • apex child relationship soql
  • apex custom sobject
  • apex reference a master-child field example
  • apex salesforce reference subselect

Among others…

The overwhelming majority of visitors arrive at my post Salesforce SOQL Subquery and Custom Objects with Apex, and some venture off to others, like Using SOQL Subquery to Count Child Records.

In most cases, I’m near the top of the page 1 search results, usually right below Salesforce docs or Jeff Douglas’s blog (fellow Appirian). This tells me two things: my assumption was correct — answers to typical problems are not as easily found as they should be, and there is a lot of potential for a cloud tech blogger in this space. Carry on.

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